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    1. "Cezara SPA", bath-house, leisure centre


      Baltasbaznicas 15, Riga, LV-1015


      www.spa-caesar.lv Cēzara SPA is a leisure complex, includes a bar, a banquet hall, Turkish bath, massage room and 2 rooms. Working hours 00-24.
    2. "Clinic Estetic", beauty care and SPA salon in Riga


      Blaumana 12a, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 26314497

      Beauty care and SPA salon "Clinic Estetic" masters are no miracle workers, but still knows how to not only preserve, but enhance the beauty of each client, regardless of his age. We will make you more irresistible, newer and slimmer without surgical intervention. Modern SPA complex, VIP procedures, beauty vaccination, professional methods - we will provide this all.
    3. "ESPA Rīga", SPA center


      Baznicas 4a, Riga, LV-1010


      SPA, SPA procedures in the center of Riga, SPA procedures, Steam bathhouse in Riga, Fitness club in the center of Riga, Steam bath
    4. "Nofrete", Ltd, Beauty care center


      E.Melngaila 5, Riga, LV-1010


      .. . Manicure, pedicure, gel nails. Gelish manicure (long-lasting). Peeling, micropolishing. Permanent make-up. Eyelash extensions. Vacuum (vacuum) massage, stone massage, (massage with stones). Figure modeling, anti-cellulite procedures, cavitation, SPA wrapping, waxing, SPA procedures, solarium.
    5. “BS Studia", Ltd. , Beauty care salon "BEAUTY STATION" in Marupe


      Marupe, Bebru 11, Marupes n., LV-2167

      +371 67188888

      .. , (with ultrasound apparatus). Make-up artist, stylist. Day makeup, evening make-up, wedding makeup, trial makeup. Manicure services: Classic manicure, (with and without polish) nail polishing, nail polishing, SPA French manicure, french polishing, SPA manicure, (with and without polish) Men's classic manicure. Men's SPA manicure,
    6. Russian public bath "Vizlas pirts"


      Lokomotives 60a (Kengarags), Riga, LV-1057

      +371 29547689

      .. bar, guarded car park. Landscaped outdoor garden terrace. Bathhouse - a good tradition and a real pleasure, relaxation, beauty and health. Steam bath. Birch, oak besoms, hygiene products. High quality massage, massage services. Hair-dressing saloon, manicure, pedicure, solarium, SPA . Bathhouse in Kengarags, center, Maskavas street.
    7. "Klinika Dzintari", SIA


      Mezsargu 4/6, Jurmala, LV-2008


      Psychologist Psychiatrist Psychotherapist Face procedures, psychotherapy, therapeutic exercises, yoga, massage. Beauty care procedures. SPA programs. Gestalt therapy, movement dance therapy, art therapy, music therapy, hypnotherapy, gong therapy, depression, vegetative dystonia, burnout syndrome, panic, depression.
    8. "Maija Iļģuciems", beauty care salon-hairdresser


      Dzirciema 31 (Ilguciems, Botanic garden area), Riga, LV-1083


      .. . Women's, men's, for children, children's hairdresser, hair tinting, painting. Everyday hairstyles, evening, wedding, celebration hairstyles. Bridal hairstyles in Ilguciems. Gelish, classic manicure, nail design, gel nails, nail tips. Classical, apparatus, SPA pedicure. Apparatus cosmetology, Anti age, anti-aging procedures,
    9. Rigas Stila un modes tehnikums


      Udelu 22, Riga, LV-1064

      +371 67532721

      Education professional Vocational training Further education
    10. Latvian Association of Beauticians and Cosmetologists


      J.Asara 5, Riga, LV-1009


      .. SPA , code in Classification of Occupations 3229 10, cosmetics Professional Standard, member professional advocacy, members legal defense, international, beauty therapy specialist professional Association, CIDESCO, CIDESCO section in Latvia, Commite` International D’Esthetique et, de Cosmetologie, international Aesthetics and
    11. "Amisi SG", Ltd., Beauty parlour


      Akademika M.Keldisa 16, Riga, LV-1021


      Hairdresser's Beauty care Beauty care Plavnieki Hair-dressing saloon Hairdresser's, hairdresser, hairdresser services, Purvciems, In Purvciems, Plavnieki, In Pļavnieki, beauty care Plavnieki, manicure, manicure, services, classic manicure, pedicure, pedicure services, make-up, day, evening make-up, makeup artist services,
    12. Rehabilitation Centre "Līgatne", resort hotel "Līgatne", tourist attraction "Secret Soviet Bunker"


      Skalupes, Ligatnes p., Ligatnes n., LV-4108


      .. improvement. Electrocardiogram. Energy recovery. Patients with exhaustion syndrome. Ayurveda. Leilani massage. Hot stone therapy. Cryotherapy. Collars. Sacrum. Feet. Thigh. Palm, forearm. Massage. Therapeutic exercises. SPA , SPA programs, medical SPA recreation programs for everyone. Bath-house. Bath with bathhouse attendant.
    13. "Reficio", Ltd., Lokmane Ilze cosmetology and oncology practice in Valmiera


      Diakonata 4-3, Valmiera, LV-4201

      +371 29465955

      .. , facial skin cleansing. Beauty care, beauty parlour. Anti-wrinkle injections, mesotherapy, mesotherapy for face, mesotherapy for hair, mesotherapy for body, revitalization, skin revitalization. Relaxing massages, SPA procedures, foot massage. Piercing. Eyebrow correction. Eyelash dyeing. Ear piercing.. mutual agreement with GPs or
    14. “ARBOR BEAUTY", Ltd., Salon shop


      Baznicas 31, Riga, LV-1010

      +371 67785757

      .. Italian phytocosmetics Experience, beauty industry professionals will be able to buy our professional products for face and body treatments. There is also available Health room for beauty salon visitors. Relaxing and maintaining procedures. Body forming and spa procedures. Anti-aging procedures. Apparatus procedures BIO LUX. Light
    15. "Skaistuma un sajutu salons BBbinnija"


      K.Valdemara 45, Riga, LV-1010


      .. , perm, resilient hair straightening, hair straightening, dry manicure, SPA manicure, nail extensions prevention, varnishing, gel nail removal, Gelish polish removal, paraffin mask, dry pedicure, SPA pedicure, nail correction with gel, eyelash dyeing, eyebrow dyeing, silk eyelash renewal, teasers, silk eyelash removal, facial waxing,
    16. "Activ SPA", Ltd.


      Maskavas 42-22, Riga, LV-1050


      .. Massage with Weyergans apparatus, vacuum massages, cellulite treatment, lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, massage, massage by hands, ayurveda massage, apparat massage, therapeutic massages, foot massage, Sports massage, back massage, SPA ritual, neck massage Water aerobics, water aerobics, aqua aerobics, hydro aerobics, aerobic
    17. "Laba Stiga", Ltd., Salon


      K.Valdemara 33, Riga, LV-1010


      .. salon Kr. Valdemāra street, hair salon in Riga, hairdressing salon in centre. Braids, hair styling, cutting, coloring, straightening, perms, highlighting. Eyebrow dyeing, eyebrow correction, eyelash dyeing. Manicure. Classic manicure, french manicure, SPA manicure, Gelish, nail tips.
    18. "Efeja - I", Ltd., Фromatherapy, beauty salon in Madona


      Saules 30, Madona, Madonas n., LV-4801

      +371 26409986

      .. waxing. Eyebrow shape correction. eyebrow chemical coloring, eyelash chemical dyeing, eyelash dyeing, eyelash extensions; warts, wart freezing. Clay therapy, (face, body). Aroma therapist's advice, aromatest. Aromdiagnostics. „Tvaika lāde " for SPA procedures, for relaxation. TVAIKA LĀDES PROCEDŪRAS IETEICAMAS, JA IR: chronic
    19. Riga Wealth Weyergans, Health and Beauty center


      Antonijas 10, Riga, LV-1010


      .. . Bottom correction, (bottom adjustment). Body correction, lipolysis. Lymphatic drainage, air boots, lymphatic drainage boots. Therapeutic massage, classical massage, chocolate massage, massage. Body wrapping, body size reduction. SPA procedures, SPA center. Variable pressure capsule, oxygen capsule. Microcirculation
    20. "Art of Beauty", Aesthetic Cosmetology Medical Center


      Antonijas 12, Riga, LV-1010

      +371 28668338

      .. epilation. Men's cosmetology. Apparatus for men, injections, peeling, cosmetological procedures, epilation, massage, men's manicure and pedicure, hand palm care. Hand and foot care, podology, podology, podologist in Riga, medical manicure and pedicure for women and men, SPA treatments for hands and feet, Professional cosmetics sale.
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